Physical Education

Physical Education develops students physical competence and confidence and their ability to use this to perform in a range of activities. It promotes the use of physical skill, physical development and a knowledge of body in action. It provides opportunities for students to be creative, competitive and to face challenges as individuals and in groups and teams.

Physical Education promotes positive attitudes towards an active and healthy life style. Students also learn how to plan, perform and evaluate actions, ideas to performances to improve their aptitudes, abilities and preferences and to make ‘ INFORMED CHOICES’ about how to get involved in life long physical activity.

Movement is the most natural and spontaneous learning medium for students. It helps to capitalize on their inherent playful enthusiasm for active involvement in everything around them.

The School’s programme in Physical Education provides a range of activities; Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance, Invasive Games and Racket/ Striking Games.

In our Physical Education Programme, Students:

* Are provided with a basis for developing physical literacy, enhancing each child’s movement repertoire and a vocabulary in the Core areas.

* Use a combination of explanatory, suggesting, guided and directed activities to enable students to practice and develop their skills.

* Provide links with other areas of the curriculum.

* An awareness of the health of their own bodies.

* Students learn about movement in different ways: learning how to move (experiencing and practicing any physical challenges of everyday ), learning through movement ( learn by doing, planning and involvement in physical activities) and about movement ( focus on the body and how it works ).