Our Art Department

At our school we offer art as part of the curriculum. The program is designed in such a way that all students from Early Years, KS1 and KS2 have lessons every week. Lessons are delivered to students by two teachers. One teaches early years to Year three, and the other one teaches Year four to Year six. The art lessons for early years are allocated one period (30 Minutes) per week. Year one to Year six are allocated two periods (1hour) per week.

This program offers each student the opportunity to embark on a creative journey or artistic discovery. Art is a form of self-expression which we want our students to do and to enjoy and take pride in it. It gives the students the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of media and it also allows them to experience activities which may become lifelong interests and instilling inspiration.

With experienced teachers, the program helps to offers skills that are helpful in other academic subject and in life. To mention but a few; it encourages creative thinking and problem solving, which develops character and discovering that the student has artistic abilities. At the end of every academic year the art teachers select a few outstanding art works which the students have done for the yearly art exhibition. Parents and the community at large are invited to view exhibited art works. This encourages students to have their work selected for the exhibition.

We believe that art is important in the holistic development of our children and that it may inspire them to appreciate great works of art and the famous painters that created them. We want them to experience that feeling of satisfaction and awe when a great piece of work has been created in the art department. Art is to communicate-an idea, an emotion or a purpose. We give our children the time to communicate in a different way.