Course Isotope 2


Bienvenue au department de Franҫais!!!! The French department deals with children from grade 1 to 6. This means that over the years, they go from learning the basics of the language like; greeting, colours and the objects in their surrounding environment, to speaking fluently and writing diligently. What is more,…
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Maseru Preparatory School is situated in Lesotho and is known as the kingdom in the sky. It is right at the root of Africa. We are a country encompassed by the Republic of South –Africa. Sesotho is the mother tongue of the country. We teach students to read, write and…
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Our teaching approach is very much driven by the dynamics in Education. We believe in active learning and developing critical thinking. Therefore we also do experiments, games and simulations. Our belief is to employ methods that are more child centered and hands-on so that the students can get the most…
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