Maseru Preparatory Entrepreneurs

Minipreneurs programmme is for children aged 5-7 years and On your marks is a programme aimed at 7-11 years. They are conducted in small groups to ensure all children’s creativity is encouraged and that they gain the intended knowledge and experience to start a micro business.

The programme builds confidence, and creates awareness in children and gives them knowledge, skills and ability to become entrepreneurs and this can only be done by exposing them to business principles and allowing them to experience money. It is also very essential to create awareness of entrepreneurship as a very attractive career choice.

Cultivating entrepreneurs is vital in the young, as children are born imaginative, energetic and willing to take risks, but without entrepreneurial education, the enterprising spirit of children dramatically declines over time and is almost non- existent by the time they graduate from high school.

The world needs as many young entrepreneurs as possible to minimize unemployment rate, poverty and stressful society. Our students are helped to become pioneers through a practical learning approach to equip them with financial literacy, basic business skills, importance of saving money, recycling materials for commercial purpose, understanding the importance of production line in a business and lastly why every business must have a goal. Maseru Preparatory school is one of the few in Lesotho realizing the imperative need of entrepreneurship skills for primary students.

We are committed to assist in the millennium development goals set by the government of Lesotho that in 3 years, private sector as the engine to each and every economy must flourish. The school has a contract with Young Entrepreneurs that one afternoon a week many students from Year 1-6 enlist for the Entrepreneurs programme at the school for a much reduced fee. Interested teachers are also trained to teach these hands-on courses and an entrepreneurs market day is also arranged where the students sell their goods made and see the profit that they make and experience their real life business in action.

Year 1 and 2 do the minipreneurs programme and Year 3-6 the on-your–marks programme. The school is negotiating with Young Entrepreneurs to get this programme as part of the curriculum. Time will tell hopefully.