ESL Department

The ESL department offers different programs for different needs of children whose native language is not English. Developing as it is, the department is striving to accommodate multilingual learners in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

They also equip the students with the study skills they require for academic enhancement. We have two creative and professional teachers who are well-versed in the teaching methods that help our learners effectively in the proficiency of the English language.

This programme is important for the main stream school programme to get these learners at a certain level where they cope with the work done in their individual year level and be able to feel secure. Ultimately, those learners will be able to achieve the learning outcomes of the curriculum at that specific year level.

Adaptations are required to address the student’s level of English Language Proficiency and prior educational and cultural experience. Our learners also have to participate in class and use English skills in their daily lives. Good communication has to exist between the class teacher and the ESL learner concerning the progress of the student in the specific year level.