Bienvenue au department de Franҫais!!!! The French department deals with children from grade 1 to 6. This means that over the years, they go from learning the basics of the language like; greeting, colours and the objects in their surrounding environment, to speaking fluently and writing diligently. What is more, the learners’ four language skills being listening, reading, speaking and writing are polished, and they acquire an understanding for a culture other than their own.

We ensure learners get the best of their learning experience by incorporating French cultural elements in the lessons, using situations of communication and role playing, linguistic games, songs, posters and poetic phrases. This steps away from traditional teaching methods and helps the children associate the language with fun, thus enlightenment is gained without hustle.

There is a considerable body of evidence which indicates that young children learn languages more easily than older learners in terms of mental flexibility and the ability to focus on the input they receive and with use of a number of artistic elements, we appeal to their inner artists. We have an art to teaching French.