Maseru Preparatory School

Goals and objectives

To make Maseru Prep School one of the best in Lesotho where the students receive a holistic education at an affordable price. This involves academic excellence, extension of traditions and sporting skills.

We want to create International citizens who have respect for other cultures and people and who have compassion and the will to become leaders in society. This will be achieved by students becoming responsible and learning life skills which will help them to become well rounded mature adults.

At Maseru Prep we Aim to..

1. make our learning inspiring, challenging and fun

2. achieve our best

3. celebrate success

4. treat ourselves and others with respect

5. take responsibility for our learning, behaviour and our school

5 Golden Rules

In Maseru Prep School we have Five Golden Rules This give us boundaries to our behaviour to help us all meet our responsibilities and secure our rights.

1. Listen and follow adult instructions

2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

3. Respect everyone's property.

4. No swearing, teasing or name-calling.

5. Be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

Good Behaviour Code

1. We show generosity to others: being kind, helpful and polite.

2. We are respectful of others' opinions, feelings and property.

3. We respect everyone's right to speak and to be heard.

4. We care for the school environment by being tidy, clean and organized.

5. We move around the school and grounds safely and sensibly.

6. We work quietly to avoid disturbing others.

7. We use materials and equipment wisely and safely.

8. We try to do our best at all times.