Internship program Maseru Prep

Our school now offers an internship program for student teacher from Lesotho College of Education. The program is coordinated by one of our teachers and monitored by the college. This program runs throughout the year. At the moment we have three student teachers and they are Morema Chabeli, Qhoaeli Mphalane and Limakatso Matona. These are our pioneer student teachers.

They are placed in three year levels starting from year three to year five. There is a schedule that runs the program throughout the year. Each one of them has four weeks in one class with a class teacher of that class and then they move to the next teacher after four weeks. At the beginning of the next term they then move from the year level they were at to the other. During the program student teachers integrate theory and practice and use their knowledge of current research on teaching and learning.

The program provides student teachers an opportunity to engage in critical reflection and it is a platform whereby they create meaning and gain experience of teaching and attempt to discover their own voice and identities as teachers. We all know that becoming a master teacher is an ongoing development process and this program helps in moulding and giving them the foundation necessary for continued professional growth.