Maseru Prep is a school with a structure that entails categories: Nursery section, Rising Fours, Reception, KS1-Key Stage 1 and KS2-Key Stage 2. In the KS2 section we have Years 3, 4, 5, and 6. Each of these Years have 3 classes each. We do not allow more than 24 students in a specific class.

We regard academic excellence as an integral part of our Mission hence subject teaching is practised and considered highly from Year 4 to Year 6. Year 3 still have class teaching as they are still a bit young to move around to different teachers. Every subject has a subject co-ordinator in charge of that subject to make sure that planning is done and all the work is taught and controlled. Each teacher now becomes an expert in their specific subjects and all the work in covered in every curriculum in this stage. The academic subjects include English, Maths, Science and Social Studies which includes History and Geography. All the other specialist subjects already mentioned are also covered.

We endeavour at all costs to prepare our students in every respect for the Cambridge Examinations. The Year 6 group write the checkpoint test in April every year and they also receive a statement of results. These tests are sent to Cambridge and marked there. Our results and averages are very good and we are always proud of our student’s achievements.

As we challenge students to think analytically, we rigorously monitor them to ensure that all aspects of their academics receive attention. This is possible through continuous assessment. This formative assessment covers the range of informal diagnostic tests and projects used to assist the process of learning by students.

All aspects of the students work is written down or a mark given throughout the term like homework, projects, class tests and any other work done. This then counts 50% of the students term mark and the test counts the other 50% to get an average. The students receive a report at the end of each term which is e-mailed to the parents. Obviously there is prescriptive feedback from the teachers that enables our students to reflect on what they are learning and why.

The class teachers, HOD and the headmaster then have a SWP-Student Work Progress- meeting with Y3-6 teachers and the marks of all students are checked and discussed. Students who are struggling are identified and we make sure that there is a correlation between the term mark and the test mark and academic problems discussed of any student. This then enables us to target support for these students who may be struggling academically.