At Key Stage 1 work is founded on the Cambridge Curriculum. Building on the foundations previously taught in Early Years, there is further development of the basic skills in literacy, numeracy and science which are taught through activities and practical involvement leading to the acquisition of the key concepts. The overall curriculum is broad and balanced to serve the children well for future learning in Key Stage 2.  Individual needs are assessed in an effort to exploit each child’s full potential academically, physically, emotionally and socially.

Learning in Key Stage 1 follows a holistic approach with engaging topics suitable for their age and stage. There is also emphasis on local culture and history. Children learn to be independent readers in Key Stage 1 using the Jolly Phonics scheme, a child centered approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics.

There are actions for each of the 42 sounds, it is an engaging and motivating tool for children to acquire their early reading skills. Children also are taught how to read the tricky sounds (high frequency words) which have irregular spellings. 

Stars of the Week