At Maseru Prep we have a well-stocked library. All the students in the school have a timetabled library period. When the class goes to the library they exchange books if they need a new one and the librarian discusses all the new or good books for that specific year level.

The students also discuss the books which they have read and tell the others about it. This creates interest for others to also read that book. We also have a book week once a year. The teachers then try and create a love for reading and books and the last 2 periods of the Day for the whole week is dedicated to the book or books that the class is reading.

On Friday the whole school then comes together and the different classes create plays, songs and skits of the book that they have read and discussed in class. We see reading as an integral part of the student’s development and the teachers must create a love for reading and books.

Certificates are also given to students who have read the most books in every term and trophy is also given to the class which have read the most books. The students can also go to the library during break and read magazines or newspaper or just relax with a great novel of their choice.