Quizzes at MPS 2016/2017

At the school we have about three quiz competitions per term. The questions are all general knowledge questions. This takes place in different Year groups from Year 1 to Year 6. It also takes place in the form of house competitions.

All the students that belong to each of the 4 different houses sit in groups in the hall. Each house is asked a question which is first discussed between the members and an answer given. If correct the specific house gets marks and if incorrect then the other houses can get a chance to answer for less points. Certificates are also given.

Spelling Bee

The Spelling bee competitions are very important to develop students spelling skills. It is also part of the whole school English Department plan. Students from Year 1 right up to Year 6 are introduced to spelling rules like phonics, multisyllabic words and more. In house competitions are held once a term. Students at our school also take part in Spelling Bee competitions with other schools.