Sesotho 2016/2017

Maseru Preparatory School is situated in Lesotho and is known as the kingdom in the sky. It is right at the root of Africa. We are a country encompassed by the Republic of South –Africa. Sesotho is the mother tongue of the country. We teach students to read, write and speak Sesotho legibly.

They also learn about their culture and the traditions of the Basotho people like:

* attire

* food

* games and dance

* huts

* lifestyle

The school holds cultural celebrations annually. Sesotho teachers help students from other countries also to speak, read and write Sesotho for communication purposes only. These International students have lessons in small groups with the teachers and are taught basic words and phrases in Sesotho so that they can communicate with other locals in the country. It is very easy and interesting to learn Sesotho so you are welcome to come to our school and learn more about our language and culture