Student Leadership Council Duties

Assist with school activities. (Sports day, Art exhibition, Fun day, Bicycle race, Swimming gala, etc.). Help and initiate with Fund-raising. Help write and promote the Student newsletter. Students as ushers.

Assist with discipline at school.

* Monitoring students to follow the school rules at all times. (No littering, self discipline, No bullying, greeting teachers and adults, etc.).

* Monitor student’s movement around the school. (Toilets, classrooms, playgrounds and during events).

* Assist in class to maintain order when teachers are in an urgent meeting.

* When raining assist teachers in the class and the hall.

* Assist KS1 teachers during break times.

* Record and report misbehaving students to class teacher.

* Always wear the name badge.

* Remind students to look after their own belongings.

* Bags are not left lying around.

* Check if taps are closed properly.

* Assist with maintaining order and discipline when students are lining up.

* Help to maintain the ethos of the school

* Being friendly and helpful to the students

* Being Mentors for the Year 1 and 2 students

Student leaders’ information:

At Maseru Preparatory School we endeavour to promote democracy and leadership skills. We have very strong, active student leaders. The members of the student leaders were elected by a thorough process. Students have to vote for members.

This is just an indication to the teachers of who is popular in the eyes of the students. The class teachers and management team then discuss the students and it is then decided who would be members of the students. The students from Year 5 and 6 are eligible to become student leaders.

It is not automatic that the students from Year 5 become leaders again in Year 6. However most of them, if they have done a good job, become leaders again.

Students who are elected to serve as a student leader, undergo a 1 day leadership training workshop where they learn how to be better leaders and understand the importance of being a good leader. The head boy and head girl then get elected from the group of student leaders about 3 months later. Their duties are to assist teachers during school time and also during extracurricular activities.