Uniform at Maseru Prep 2016/2017

Summer – Boys

Green floppy hat with logo

Green and white check short sleeve shirt with logo – not tucked in

Grey short pants

Grey long socks with green and white stripes at the top

Black shoes

Summer Girls

Same green and white check dress and same hat with logos

White socks and black shoes

Winter – Boys and Girls

White long sleeve shirt with logo and grey long pants

Short grey socks for boys and short white socks for girls and black shoes

Green jersey with logo and/or green windbreaker with logo

KS2 (Y3 – Y6) students wear ties with white shirt

PE kit

House t-shirt/white golf shirt with logo in summer and green track suit with logo in winter

White short pants

White short socks with running shoes/tekkies

School Times: 2016/2017

All staff members to be at school by 7:30 to get ready for their classes.

The school starts at 7:45.

Students go to assemblies on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday and Friday students go straight to class, no assemblies.

Staff Meetings

Staff Meeting at 2:15 on Monday afternoon.

Staff Briefings:

Wednesday and Friday mornings in the staff room at 7:30 if necessary.